Scientific creativity bubbles up in Boston

The Boston School Science Fair, Tuesday, March 14, included 86 projects and 106 participants, with some students paired. This fair was a required activity for all sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students.  The projects fell under many categories in the life, earth and physical sciences.  

The overall winner was Brett Phelps with “Need a Boost?” Along with Brett, the top three winners for each grade were the following:

Eighth Grade
First place:  Gracie Benningfield with “Moth Trap”
Second place:  Grant Amshoff with “What’s Your Type?”
Third place:  Brett Phelps with “Need a Boost?”

Seventh grade
First place:  Amber Miles with “Dreams”
Second place:  Sawyer Boone with “What Fruit Makes the Best Battery?”
Third place:  Reese Peak with “Pinocchio’s Arm”

Sixth grade
First place:  Luke Phelps with “Laundry Is Loads of Fun”
Second place:  Lauren Riddell with “The Taste of Color”
Third place:  Kelcy Curtsinger and Riley Bryant with “What Bubble Gum Brand Blows the Biggest Bubble?”


Jada Nemeth, a Boston School seventh-grader, adds Alka-Seltzer to her “Coca-Cola Lava Lamp” experiment during the Boston School Science Fair, Tuesday, March 14. The fair included students in grades 6 – 8. Jada tested her hypothesis that adding heat to a mixture of Coca-Cola, vegetable oil and Alka-Seltzer would cause bubbles created by the mixture to speed up. The experiment proved her hypothesis to be correct, Jada said.