Playing with ‘joy’ during Boston School Arts Showcase

Art, music, monologue and dramatic talent were on display March 14, during a Boston School Arts Showcase, which took place in conjunction with the school Science Fair the same night.

Science Fair projects were on display in the school gymnasium while the showcase took place in various locations elsewhere in Boston School. Music and monologue performances were in the school library. Drama presentations were offered in the school cafeteria, and visual arts creations were on display elsewhere in the school.

Arts showcase

Alyssa Hatfield plays “Ode to Joy” on the piano while other student participants look on during the Boston School Arts Showcase in the Boston School library. Alyssa is in fifth-grade at Boston School. “Ode to Joy,” a poem written in 1785 by German poet Friedrich Schiller, is best known for its use by Ludwig van Beethoven in his famous Symphony No. 9.

Arts showcase

Elizabeth Westerman, a Boston School fifth-grader, plays “Surf’s Up” on the guitar. She has been playing for about two years.