Nelson County Schools: ‘Day of Learning’

Teachers and instructional staff for Nelson County Schools gathered Friday, Sept. 2, at Old Kentucky Home Middle School for a “Day of Learning,” while students got the jump on a long Labor Day weekend.

Teachers from all schools and grade levels chose two sessions to collaborate with colleagues in specific topic groupings to share teaching strategies, hear from experts in particular fields, and hone their teaching skills in 19 subject-specific teaching sessions.

Topics included everything from “APEX” Computer Software and “Alphabet Soup QFT and IDM (or LDC)” classroom strategies for K-12 social studies teachers, to “Writing in the Primary Grades: Lucy Calkins – Pragmatics,” for K-8 teachers “with” Lucy Calkins’ experience.

In between, content teachers could select sessions such as “Making Math Magic,” divided into grade-level groupings, or “College and Career Readiness,” for pathway teachers.

The “Day of Learning” for teachers was the first of five specific focus activities planned for students and staff in all Nelson County Schools during the school year. The next will be Nelson County Schools: “VOTE,” to take place during October and November.

Day of Learning

Instructional Coach Jessica Scheerhorn, left, and FHES teachers Amy Vittitow and Samantha Seger conduct a lab exercise during the Nelson County Schools: “Day of Learning.” The lab exercise was designed for fifth-grade science students and dealt with volume.

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