Lowe’s Heroes tackle CCES landscaping project

Cox’s Creek Elementary School (CCES) has found some new heroes – Lowe’s Heroes to be specific.

CCES has been embraced by the Bardstown Lowe’s store for a volunteer program that matches a team of local employee volunteers with a local nonprofit organization or K-12 public school. Each Lowe’s store generally can pick one project per year for the program. 

With visions of vegetable and flower gardens all around the school dancing in her head, CCES second- and third-grade teacher Kathy Miller’s pet project fit the bill to receive assistance.

As many as 20 Lowe’s employees along with CCES parents, students and staff members spread out around the school June 8 and 9 to tackle five specific work areas.

Work included installation of a fish pond surrounded by plants and flowers near the playground area behind the school; new landscaping around the main sign out front; flowers, trees and shrubbery near the front entrance; vegetable plots outside the cafeteria area; and a complete redo of the landscaping on the school’s north side.

Lowe’s Heroes

CCES teacher Kathy Miller, center, and Lowe’s project manager Brent Baker discuss plant placement in front of a pond to be installed in a garden area behind the school. Lowe’s employee Brad Gunther can be seen in the background.

Lowe’s Heroes

Cage Spalding, left, John Yocum and Denver Rogers, right, work on digging a hole, June 8, for a serviceberry tree to be planted near the entrance to CCES. Keeping watch over the work is “project overseer” Brent Baker, the horticulture manager for the Bardstown Lowe’s store. The work was part of a Lowe’s Heroes project.

Lowe’s Heroes

Sandy Chesser, left, and Michaela Mattingly carry away old garden timbers from a project area behind Cox’s Creek Elementary School during the Lowe’s Heroes project.

Lowe’s Heroes

Media specialist Beth Crowe puts her back into her work carrying mulch for placement around plants surrounding the CCES signage near Louisville Road.