Professional learning day helps teachers keep skills sharp

Teachers and educators from schools throughout Nelson County gathered May 23 at Old Kentucky Home Middle School for a day of professional learning.

The day focused on collaboration, best practices and instruction while providing professional learning experiences in 11 specific focus areas.

Focus areas included literacy design collaborative; mathematics design collaborative; project-based learning; the Google classroom; intervention strategies; health and physical education strategies; arts and humanities standards and curriculum; agriculture, area technology center and JROTC alignment of Kentucky occupational skills standards assessment with daily curriculum; mental health; and maker space.

Having already notched four distinguished school rankings, including one School of Distinction, the Nelson County School district itself is striving toward a distinguished ranking for the entire district.

Professional learning initiatives such as these experiences help prepare staff to achieve at their highest levels while preparing students to be life-long learners and contributing members of world society.

Professional Learning

Angie Ford, center, and Joanne Maldini collaborate, along with Megan Mattingly, left, during a co-teaching training session at Old Kentucky Home Middle School during a districtwide professional learning day. Co-teaching was one of the specific learning experiences designed to enhance collaboration, best practices and instruction. Ford is a teacher at Old Kentucky Home Middle School, while both Mattingly and Maldini are Boston School teachers.


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