Reading Recovery©

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program designed by Dr. Marie Clay of New Zealand. It is a short-term program designed to help young readers experiencing difficulties learning to read. These children often fall behind in school and experience frustration, confusion and a sense of failure. Typically, these children will require expensive and long-term remedial help to learn to read.

Reading Recovery is designed for the first-year student who is experiencing reading difficulties. By intervening early in a child’s education, Reading Recovery can often halt this failure and enable these children to read at the average level of their first-grade peers. Research has shown that if intervention does not happen at an early age, the window of opportunity for these children to become competent readers is greatly diminished.

Reading Recovery is a research-based program that has been thoroughly studied and replicated. It serves the lowest achieving 20 percent of readers in the first grade.

The Three Components of Reading Recovery

Program for Children

Children from the lowest achieving 20 percent of their class receive intensive one-to-one tutoring for 30 minutes daily. Instruction focuses on reading strategies and behaviors to improve reading levels. After a program of 15-20 weeks, most students obtain an average or above average reading level.

Program for Educators

Teachers in training are required to participate in a year-long university-based training. This training includes theory of reading instruction and colleague observations and teaching demonstrations behind a one-way mirror. Follow-up professional development is required each year and continued coaching is provided at the local, state and national levels.

Research and Evaluation

Reading Recovery is a data-based intervention. Data is collected and analyzed at the national level to ensure the program’s integrity.

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