Exceptional Children

Cheryl Pile
Director of Special Education
(502) 349-7000 ext. 2330

The Nelson County School District provides services for children and youth with disabilities of school attendance age (3- to 21-years-old), consistent with standards established by law and school district policies and procedures. The Nelson County system serves 13 areas of disability: autism, speech/language disorders, emotional-behavioral disability, hearing impairment, mental disability (functional and mild), multiple disabilities, other health impaired, orthopedic impairment/physical impairment, specific learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment and developmental delay.

The district provides a variety of services for students with disabilities. These services include collaboration, resource, and special class services as determined by an Admissions and Release Committee. Special Education teachers are in all schools.

The Response to Intervention (RtI) process is carried out in each of the schools to monitor areas of concern for students with academic and behavioral issues. (Download the RtI document here for more details. This is an Adobe Reader pdf file.)

Click here to download the district Special Education Policies and Procedures. (This is an Adobe Reader pdf file.)