Document Downloads

The documents below will be in pdf (Adobe Reader) format, xls (Microsoft Excel) format or doc or docx (Microsoft Word) format. Adobe Reader is a free download.

Frequently Requested Documents

2016-2017 Opening of School Documents [pdf]
MAP Parent Toolkit

2016-2017 School Calendar [pdf]
2017-2018 School Calendar [pdf]
Employee Handbook for 2016-2017 [pdf]
Coaches’ Handbook – District Athletic Program 2016-2017 [pdf]
NCHS Athletics Hall of Fame Inductee Nomination Form [pdf]
Dress Code for Nelson County Schools 2012-2013 [pdf]
Day Care Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments [pdf]
Responsible Use Policy [pdf]
Application for Out-of-Area Request [pdf]
Application for Out-of District Request [pdf]
Home/Hospital Instruction Application [pdf]
Driving Directions to the Central Office [pdf]
Acceptable Behavior and Discipline Code 2016-2017 [pdf]
Free and Reduced-Priced Meals Application [pdf]
Fund Raiser Request [pdf]
Vision Statement [pdf]

Health Services Documents

Authorization for Self-Administration [pdf]
Authorization to Give Medication – Diastat [pdf]
Authorization to Give Medication – Epipen [pdf]
Authorization to Give Medication – Glucagon [pdf]
Authorization to Give Over-the-Counter Medication  [pdf]
Authorization to Give Prescription Medication [pdf]
Drug Testing Consent Form [pdf]
Health Services Plan [pdf]
Kentucky Eye Examination Form for School Entry [pdf]
Preventative Health Care Examination Form – Initial Entry [pdf]
Preventative Health Care Examination Form – Sixth (6th) Grade Form [pdf]
Student Health Record and Consent Form [pdf]

Insurance Documents

Health Insurance Benefits Selection Guide 2016 [pdf]
2016 Active Employee Health Insurance Enrollment Application [pdf]
2016 Active Employee Flexible Spending Account Enrollment/Change Application [pdf]
Health Reimbursement Account & Flexible Spending Account Claim Form [pdf]
Life Insurance Program: State Enrollment/Change/Termination [pdf]
Life Insurance Program: State Designation of Beneficiary [pdf]
Life Insurance Program: Board Enrollment [pdf]
Nationwide Life Insurance Company (State) [pdf]

Miscellaneous Documents

Employee Change of Name/Address/Telephone Form [pdf]
Grant Services Form [doc]
Purchase Requisition [doc]
Standard Invoice [doc]
Standard Invoice [pdf]
Time Sheets [xls]
Travel: Voucher [pdf]
Travel: Vicinity Miles [pdf]
Local Mileage Reference Guide [pdf]
Revenues and Expenditures Fiscal Year 2015 [pdf]
Vendor Payments for Fiscal Year 2015 [pdf]

Retirement Documents

Certified Retirement Change Name/Address Form [doc]
Certified Retirement District Personnel Action [pdf]
Certified Retirement Enrollment (Form F-1) [pdf] 
Classified Retirement Application (Form 2001) [pdf]
Classified Retirement Beneficiary Designation (Form 2035) [pdf]
Classified Retirement Change of Address (Form 2040) [pdf]
Classified Advice of Personnel Action (Form 2020) [pdf]

Salary/Leave Documents

Salary Guidelines 2016-2017 [pdf]
Salary Schedule: Administrative Non-Certified Employees 2016-2017 [pdf]
Salary Schedule: Certified Employees 2016-2017 [pdf]
Salary Schedule: Classified Employees 2016-2017 [pdf]
Salary Schedule: Substitute Teachers 2016-2017 [pdf]
Salary Employee Index 2016-2017 [pdf]
Extended Employment Schedule 2016-2017 [pdf]
Extra Service Salary Schedule 2016-2017 [pdf]
Salaried Classified Employees Days 2016–2017 [pdf]
Complete Salary Book 2016-2017 [pdf]
Salary: Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (Form 201) [docx]
Sick Leave Bank Deposit Authorization [docx]
Sick Leave Bank/Sick Leave Exchange Procedures [doc]
Certified Personal Days and Sick Leave Days Information [doc]
Classified Personal Days and Sick Leave Days Information [doc]
Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 [pdf]

403(b) Universal Availability Letter

403(b) Universal Availability Letter

Tax Documents

Withholding: Federal (Form W-4) [pdf]
Withholding: Kentucky (Form K-4) [pdf]
Earned Income Credit (EIC) Notice 797 [pdf]

Worker’s Compensation Documents

Worker’s Comp: First Report of Injury or Illness [pdf]